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Colt Germany

Turned a low profit, negative cash-flow business into a healthy margin cash-generating business within 10 quarters. Key to this was regaining customer confidence through service improvement and re-establishing pride in the German employees. Scrutinised decisionmaking on investments. Everything underpinned by a solid plan, well executed.

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EDS Travel & Transport Northern Europe

Used the acquisition of the IT subsidiary of Dutch Railways (NS) as a core to build a travel & transport competence centre, which enabled us to attract other customers. This delivered considerable growth (>10% over multiple years) and allowed us to improve margins from 5 to 27%. Key in this was mobilising the workforce after a turbulent phase. 

Colt Voice Services​

Turned a declining business into a growing business in a declining price sensitive market within 8 quarters. Through building the right top team, using focused strategy and simple execution plan, executed rigorously. Employee engagement (culture), customer focus, product differentiation and go to market execution were at the heart of the execution plan.

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NS Cargo
The former freight division of Dutch Railways (NS) was highly unprofitable and stuck in an old fashoined way of working. We completely redesigned the end-to-end processes, adopting all IT and the way of working of the Swedish Railways (SJ) freight division. At the time SJ Cargo had the best performance metrics in Europe.
Anker 4


Colt Technology Services (Group)
Developed a strategy ultimately enabling Colt to increase focus on the core business and to achieve absolute growth in revenues and cash-flows. Resulted in creation of Lines of Business, enabling sale of non-profitable and separation of capital intensive LoB's, so that core business remained and has started to grow.
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Nedlloyd IT (later P&O, Maersk)
After the acquisition of Nedlloyd by P&O the IT subsidiary had to support the business, while the integration into P&O was going on. The vehicle to do that was an outsourcing to EDS. Which was well executed and delivered cost benefits, while guaranteeing service continuity.
Colt India
In 2002 the IT/telco market was under high pressure; many companies went bankrupt. Colt's cash situation was tight after years of investment and high-growth. One of the key initiatives to addres this was removing all duplication in Europe and offshoring non-customer facing activities to India. Over 25% of Colt's employees are now in India, at a fraction of the cost.
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Local Social Services (GSD) Eindhoven​

Re-designed end-to-end processes, focusing on mainstream vs. exceptions. Increasing speed and client satisfaction, while reducing costs and improving quality of decisionmaking. Supported the new processes with new IT systems, with a completely web-based front-end and assisted with the implementation.

Anker 7





Colt had an ambition to provide IT managed services to customers utilising its network. It lacked the IT experience and capabilities to do so. We scanned the market and identified a cloud player, operating exclusively through an indirect channel. We prepared and executed the acquisition of Thinkgrid within 9 months, from market scan to signed contracts.


In Germany Colt provided managed IT services delived from a platform designed & operated by VIP. A Swiss company, supported by an offshored support center in Romania. When VIP was at the verge of becoming bankrupt, Colt had to safeguard its customers. This was accomplished by a complicated acquisition of the Swiss and Romanian entities under extremely difficult circumstances. We also ensured a smooth integration into Colt, and over time developed the Romanian entity into a near-shore center, more than doubling in size.

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In 1995 EDS bought CVI (IT subsidiary) from the Dutch Railways (NS). CVI was almost the same size as EDS in The Netherlands at the time. It had to be integrated, while increasing NS' customer satisfaction and increasing CVI's profitability. We eventually succeeded in 30 months time, by building a new division in Travel & Transport, focused on growth in that sector in Northern Europe (Benelux & Nordics).
Anker 9

Interim &



NS Cargo
The former freight division of Dutch Railways (NS) was highly unprofitable and stuck in an old fashoined way of working. We adopted all IT and the way of working of the Swedish Railways (SJ) freight division and implemented this over 24 months successfully. A very complex programme of work, affecting all employees of NS Cargo.

A relatively small wholesale organisation for companies in Utilities & Steel sectors. Extremely depending on IT, but not large enough to attract the right IT leadership and professionals. We provided interim management and IT professionals to overhaul the systems architecture and improve systems availability and performance, while reducing the future support costs.

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