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Strategy Consulting

Depending on the exact nature of your need, strategy consulting focuses on understanding the core capabilities of your company, the customer needs to be addressed, the competition and their offers, the other forces in the market and how to grow profitably within that landscape. We use well known tools like SWOT analysis, five forces, 7S model, etc. The outcome is a document (PPT or Word), derived through a series of workshops and interviews, involving senior management and subject matter experts, and potentially customers, prospects and industry organisations/analysts.

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Business Planning

Assuming the goals and strategy are clear, business planning is the translation of the into an execution plan and budget. This could be for multiple years, where the first year will be detailed, with clear ownership and key performance indicators and the outer years can be more global in nature, although still measurable. The outcome is a business plan (most probably a combination of Word/PTT and Excel), including sales & marketing and financial plan. The way of working is via a series of workshops, involving senior and middle management.

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(Digital) Transformation

In a time where people have access to digital resources anywhere anytime, companies need to consider how they deal with the customer experience during the entire lifecycle, from the first need generation to in-life management and even end-of-life management. This will not only improve the customer experience, increasing sales and revenues, but also optimise efficiency/cost, improving the bottom-line. Depending on your exact needs, the outcome will be a blueprint, roadmap and/or a detailed execution plan. The way of working is via workshops involving people across the company.

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Interim Management

This service provides you with one or more resources that take on management responsibility during a pre-defined time period. Our competences are excellent in the following areas: General Management, Business Development, Sales & Marketing, Delivery & Operations. We will agree goals & objectives as if we were employed by your company. We will agree the level of authority and collaboration mechanisms beforehand. This service might be extremely useful in need of turnaround, growth (accelleration) and integration/change.

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Program Management

This is the process of managing several related projects, often with the intention of improving an organisation's performance. This could concern a major transformation of some kind, an IT implementation, a major integration program... Program Management makes sense when there is a clear value add compared to managing just a collection of individual projects. Usually that value lies in common organisational impact, resource management and/or the level of interdependencies between the projects. The exact work package(s) need to be agreed beforehand (might be staged).

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CSR Management

Companies are becoming more aware of their social responsibilities and of the need for purpose. Partially driven by regulation, partially by passion of individuals (usually CEO). However it is not always easy to translate the desire into a tangible program, that is economically sensible and delivers both tangible and intangible benefits. We can assist doing that. Given your organisation's core competences and long term goals, if needed help define your purpose, CSR objectives, measurable Key Performance Indicators and a program to execute on those.

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Leadership Coaching

In most leadership coaching situations, the real objective is to help successful people become even more effective. Effective coaches go to great lengths to emphasise the unique talents and abilities of their clients as well as emphasise their client's potential/ It's about challenging their clients and helping them change behaviors. It's about encouraging to be open to change, to step up and be more socially aware. Always aware of the bottom line. Depending on your individual needs/desires, we will define the focus of our partnership and how much time we want to invest in it.

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Funding / (Re-)structuring

At different points in their lifecycle, businesses require financial resources beyond their operational cash-flow. Depending on the situation and objectives, solutions can be found in optimising current cash-flows, loans, bonds, equity, etc. We can help you find the optimal solution for your situation. We might contribute ourselves to the solution financially or engage banks, private equity players or alternative funding methods, like crowd funding.

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Startup Mentoring

As a startup you want to focus on realising your vision. Finishing your product, getting your first customers, you know best what you are trying to achieve and you are most passionate about it. But you don't want to make the mistakes that others have made before. And you simply cannot know everythig about every possible topic. If that is you situation, I am sure we can define a mentoring relation that makes sense. Effectively a partnership focused on what you feel is important.

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